Kite Flying Guests

Kite Flying guests come from many parts of the world to visit the Portsmouth International Kite Festival.  Many are repeat visitors having been to the festival and enjoyed it so much they just want to keep coming back!

At each year’s event there are always first time kite flying visitors to add new, exciting and unusual kites to the skies above Southsea.

We have kitefliers from the following countries lined up for 2018's Kite Festival.  

France - Germany - United Kingdom - New Zealand - Holland - Belgium - Spain - United States of America - Italy

Confirmed guests are

David Ellison

Dave has moved from four line kite flying to start designing and making his own single line kites with a series of graphics.

Flying Fish consists of Lex and Irma. They fly (mostly dual-line) kite routines to music and are also part of a larger team, called L-katz. They plan to bring some early dual line kites as well.

George and Jackie Penney

George and Jackie have been part of the kite flying scene for many years forming one half of the Beccles Bunch - along with Hugh and Lyn Blowers. They are often seen on the beaches of Italy with their coillection of kites.

George Webster

George is a a recognised kite historian and provides detailed commentary for the kite festival at Portsmouth describing the events as they occur.

Guy makes an amazing range of inflatable kites including Batman, Bat Woman and Superman - all of which willl be seen over the skies of Southsea.

The BKF bring to the festival a number of club kites which have been procured to provide entertainment to the public. Kites include The Cat in the Hat, the BKF Teddy and many more.

Hugh and Lyn Blowers

Hugh and Lyn have an extensive range of kites that they have collected over the years - including some rarities from Steve Brockett that were hidden away for many years.

In their 21st year of demonstration kite flying Team Spectrum (Bryan and Carl) Is a father and son sports kite display team from Ipswich. They fly choreographed routines using up to three 2 line sports kites flown totally independently

Tony Cartwright

Tony has been flying kites for many years and was one of the first to introduce modern multi-line flying to the U.K. He is the field director for the event co-ordinating all the kite fliers..

Marco Casadio, from Italy is well known for his collection of soft kites featuring Cherubs and Devils as well as the infamous Mermaid.

Steve originated in Wales and has been making Art kites since 1985. They are constructed as flying pieces and interact with the wind, light and the sky. 

Since 2004 Dirk and Sonja have enjoyed discussing and making new kites with some amazing soft kites and line laundry amongst which is a line of camels.

The team formed in 1988 and started flying dual and four line kites over the years. They are one of the most recognised four line display teams in the world.

Andrew and Kathleen are amongst Scotland's premier kite fliers.  Known best for flying a wide range of large inflatable kites.

Dick Toonen

From Holland, Dick is well known for his 'Drum' kites which dance around in the sky.  He has run many workshops making these amazing kites.

Albert Trinks

Albert is also from Holland as is well known for his collection of appliqued Japanese style Edo kites.

From Germany Bernhard is a regular visitor to the kite festival. He brings a selection of inflatable kites including the Maple Leaf, Robby the Seal, Nemo the Fish, Parrots and Froggy the Frog

From Spain the Molina brithers form the sports kite pair "Viento Sur" flying a mixture of different types four line kites.

Specialing in Crow kites Karl-Ulrich comes from Hessen, Germany.  He has many variations of these kites which fly in all sorts of wind conditions.

Stephan Fiers and Ingeborg Aarts

From Belgium, Steohan and Ingeborg form the Sports kite pair 
Fenix sir.  They also fly as individuals and bring a number of single line kites to the festival.

Anne and Peter Whitehead

Anne and Peter from New Zealand bring to the festival a  number of their kites which have flown in many areas of the world

Known for building a large selection of different kites - if it can fly he will make it.  A leading member of the Dusseldorf Kite Friends.

Rolf comes from Germany and is well known for his kites. Amongst them is his collection of soft Airplane ktes, which include Snoopy flying against the Red Barron.

Nick has been designing and making kites since 1985 and is particularly well known for his Angel (and Devil) kites. These can often be seen flyng in trains over the skies of kite festivals around the world.